Twin Elements

From the world of a peace warrior - my world - to yours.

©® Photo by Ish-i - Vanuatu

On a tiny paradise South Pacific Island the spirit of a 100% dedicated, disciplined, Peace Warrior was born. Her Mentor - Mother Nature - opened her pages of the Book of Life to the girl-child's destiny. Courage meant action. Everything... or nothing. 

Schooled into civilization, unrestricted by text-book impossibilities, she was not alone. Though the least piece in the jig-saw-team-effort of 'Peace for the Planet' - the loudest cry which rose from the earth came from the children - for they too have a life, and even Peace Warriors cry.

... some wars are silent killers.

Stuttering with the enormity of the task - compelled to write report - it grew with nuclear force into book proportions, becomming a branching tree for responsible adult ears.

It's leaves became children's books in parable form, suitable for animation for young ears and eyes. 

... it's roots into a very unique movie to sound and probe the mind. 

   ©® Irrira Rikki 

    Peace is more than just a word...

                        It is Action in

                                      ((( Motion )))

                                                  (( Motion )))

                                                            ((( Motion ))) ! 

©® Photo by Ish-i - Vanuatu

'I see you my Brothers' - 'I see you my Sisters"

©® Photo by Ish-i - "My Island Home - the Salt Water People" and Brother.

" Your Voice is our Voice 

They can take away the Song but no-one can take away the Music.

... we Salute you from the South Pacific."

Such was the Love of an Island Home, and strong enough for arms to stretch round the world. 

A world which was introduced to the Nuclear Weapons of War in the Pacific... and set a child Peace Warrior in motion! 

South Africa’s reggae king Lucky Dube

©® KNEEL DOWN AND PRAY One People Band Luganville Vanuatu Published on 21 Feb 2013 The People of Espirito Santo in Vanuatu turned up in thousands to watch this Show. This video shot by Television Blong Vanuatu.

Africa or Bust!

©® Oil by Irrira - 'Greetings Planet Earth' - When Nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll, South Pacific 1995

For her, It was 'Africa or Bust!'

... she had told her dying mother when she was 12 years of age she must go and share the Love of her people.

... and the rest is a Love Story and a Pearl of Great Price.

Home became Africa for 22 years, though for a very short time in the beginning, she lived happily among the Zulus.  

But she didn't know the job was only beginning! 

She learned fast that Africa called for action, and that the outside world was screaming because of their own first guilt - crimes of humanity called black and white... and a new word called apartheid - which she learned much to her horror also existed in Africa.  She would have loved to stay with her peaceful Zulu folk. 

... but she also learned she was to make report.

Moving through many things from the Apartheid Cause, to the Homeless... inside or out of Jail... with or without the Law, inside or out of the Courts... with or without Police protection, or the Government - from the Environment, Energy, Military or Peaceful Solutions - all that mattered was the truth. 

No birth happens without Time, and neither are the birth-pangs of a nation without pain. 

It is the result of much blood sweat and tears of too many volunteers to count, and all that matters is that progress is of a better kind for Freedom of the Oppressed. 

And when the report had gathered enough scraps of paper to fill a book, an old bare-floored room with nothing but a mat to sleep on was found. 

... a song was heard across the air-waves from somebody’s radio - and it brought comfort to a warrior ears.

'Everything I do I do it for you'  

... and she alone knew why. 

The rooms were demolished 6 months later, and it was back on the streets like a fly on the wall.


From Prison to Victory

©® News of the Victory - Google Image

'Twin Elements' was born from a sketch, just prior to being arrested and jailed when innocent.

Nelson Mandela and she were in the same high-security prison at the same time... just before his release. 

She dedicates this quote to a truly great man who had ears to hear the sound of the Wordfor Peace - F. W. de Klerk - President of apartheid South Africa from September 1989 to May 1994 - and prior to, as Minister of Energy and Environment.  Another Peace Warrior - overlooked in the shadow of Mandela.  

" Any man can step up, but it takes a greater one to step down."  

~ Lord Mountbatten, of Burma. 

©® Irrira Rikki


©® Photo by Ish-i - a Warrior's Rest - NEVER GIVE UP!

©® Photo by Ish-i - Sisters - Home at last...

©® Photo by Ish-i - Our one room Home - Vanuatu

Only thoughts will be shared as fillers until this site is up and running, and the books are complete.

©® Photo of ish-i & Irrira - Vanuatu... Ish-i had been teaching in Botswana.

I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ 

Matthew 27:35-36