Twin Elements

Imagine the Peace Waves as Light Rings Encircling the Earth

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Wave Frequency as in Hertz = Hz


Peace is more than just a word, it is Action in Motion

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Where there is true peace, it first has to be within an individual. Peace of mind. Peace of heart. A peaceful spirit. When witnessing someone never wavering from standing in this peace, it has to have an an effect on others. Cause and effect is a natural Universal Law, so realistically True Peace is attainable for the Earth.   

Peace was already a proven Universal Way of Life where rules have always been and will always apply, and through time these were given to humanity by supernatural beings, which as a result were placed into Sacred Text. Being of different culturedoesn’t change any meaning of such laws which govern them. 

Believed or not, these pertain to a science, despite many being placed as religious context due to their roots. But truth will always be, just as Peace is a Science of Life in as much it is a Way. There are literally thousands of folk working quietly towards this from the Circle of the Earth inwards. It's known as 'making waves'.

OK... so the Earth is elliptical – but we now have photos seen from space of the whole Planet, which appears 'round'. No-one is debating this. Just use an open mind...   

So imagine it encircled – not invaded, for that is by force - but enclosed. Within this Circle there are up to 7 billion people, so that’s a lot of ‘need’ for Peace. By working inward to the centre, circular waves become smaller - the opposite of pebble effect - but consider the sound being transmitted as well while more and more are created. Ever heard of the Peace Wave ?   

A dictionary quotes Peace as being  'The absence of war or other hostilities.'

What a dream!

So dream on and consider this…

Peace within a Wave is a Frequency, a Vibration, and all this creates movement called Energy. 

Here’s an example in old terms – called obsolete - as 'per second' for dummies like us to understand as against the now science of SI Units. It's the science where more than the eye can see the unseen, as well as more than the ear can hear the silent sound, and some of the most vital have been overlooked.

Forgive me. But many things get lost through time, and Peace is one of them!  

An analogy can be understood, as in the Harmonic Frequency of music. On the piano keyboard, the musical note of A – the note above middle C – oscillates at 440 Hz per second.  

From Middle C to the 7th note is a Scale in music, yet a full Scale is bound together by the 8th note which in truth is a repeat of the 1st. C – but an octave = 8 apart – making it a bridge note. We as humans can become that bridged note for Peace.  

                                      See Image at end of page.               

With all sound having a frequency - and vibration is movement - yet, with the earth’s population reaching 7 billion, it almost seems against all odds for peace to spread at all. But… there is movement in the air, and the pace of life has well and truly speeded up, while many are trying to keep up. Something has to give...  Wait!

Underneath all this, the work goes on in the knowledge of True Peace. The Earth is a field that is ripe for Peace as they quietly harvest. Most are the unknowns, unheard of folk... like the unseen invisible roots of trees laden with the fruits of their combined labours, they do not seek reward, nor even a handshake.  

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From Earth's Outer Atmosphere on the Edge of Outer Space

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The distance upward to earth's Outer Atmosphere - the Exosphere, almost a vacuum before Outer Space - we begin from there to react for the Peace Wave.

It fits close to the figure 7, as 7.000 km. This is not going to be a whole scientific explanation, but for a better understanding of where this is leading to, keep the 7 in mind as an analogy we will use, due to 7 Rays within the visible Light Spectrum, and the 7 Rays within the Rainbow.  

See this pale blue halo of light that hugs the earth which the astronauts see from outer space as being the Circle of the Earth we are speaking of. Then see the pure white Light we know to be visible, emitting rings of energy inward to the centre as waves. This is the pebble effect in reverse.

The Earth itself is 40.075 km. at it’s circumference. The numerical key of this figure is also 7.  

Think of this wave vibration being like Surround Sound if it helps understand this, but being invisible. We are using the Light to make the explanation visible.

With the circular waves growing smaller in circumference as they grow inward towards the centre, it means they must meet in the middle, so keep it in mind's eye that we are honing into the centre – the core factor – and why they become smaller. In essence by this stage they become compressed, and a paradoxical effect begins. The earth rings like a bell – as invisible sound to the ear – yet without harmful radiation within the Light one mighty flash is emitted when momentum reaches a flux... lets say fusion.

This then would represent the analogy in it's amplification, radiating the Planet Earth with the Peace Wave in Light, and no-one would be able to escape their own dumb-founding silence


It's Time to ring the Peace Bell !

With each peacemaker working quietly on this planet, each can be likened to a Time Capsule. An illustration here could be a cold and flu capsule filled with granules, in which each granule has a Time Release trigger to cover 24 hours. This is how the peacemakers - according to the time - are triggered, and 'according to the times'.

Today... we are up to Now.

Everyone who understands beyond all that is negative all over the planet, knows that it and positive are equally as pregnant, while both grows closer like an unseen wave. This Peace Wave would be a spell-binding moment in time for all the Earth and it’s inhabitants. Not a soul on the planet would not be affected… for the better.  

Energy wise, if there were only 10.000 peacemakers each existing as a Time Capsule – and each using the vibrational frequency of the musical note A – being 440 MHz granules  – plus each have their own specific time-frame as a trigger vibration, then a total frequency of 4.400.00 per second would be the their value. Per minute that would be 60 x and = 264.000.00. This x 60 in 1 hour = 15.840.000.00. When brought up to x 24 hours it it becomes a Transcendental Number.= E 3.80.160000 at infinitum, as E.

OK, I don't profess to be a mathematician, not speak the queen's English, but this is exactly where our numerical fun begins and ends, which when these final Transcendental Number adds up and = the Key of 9. 

From there, all counting starts again, as from decimal. 10 to 20 to 30 etc. at infinitum.  

When we are measuring the Circle out to as high as the fine blue line of Earth's halo there are also the Electromagnetic properties which automatically attract in the Ionosphere.So we bring back into the centre the  attracting elements with the incoming tide of the all encompassing Wave.  

With the phenomenal build up created in this ‘closing in’ effect, Oscillation/Vibration simply would be a literal explosion of Brilliant Light at the Central Point. This is not a big bang but silent. Without harm due to the fusion it would take 7 days for the Peace Wave to form a needle fine, sky-high atmospheric halo, becoming light-works enveloping the whole earth.  

Within this time, Time as it is known, would stand still. No-one would be able to speak due to the absolute awe... the Silence … that would result in Absolute Peace!  

Despite how far fetched the whole concept of Peace on Earth is within these musings, if we live long enough we may just get a glimpse of how. For the Science of the Stardom is one thing which is yet to be learned here on Planet Earth. We only have to see the mess left behind called space junk to know that the laws must be respected.  

So hang on…  

Oh… and don’t be surprised which Supernatural Being will be seen within this whole Brilliant Light of Peace!  

>> Smile << 

It might be a new experience...                               

©® Irrira Rikki

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“ …. so is my word that goes out from my mouth. 

    It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
You will go out in joy
    and be led forth in peace... “

Isaiah 55:11-12 

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