Twin Elements

Messengers of Peace

Saint Michael as Warrior ©® Photo from Google Images.

“We are aware of every move that is made and there is nothing that escapes us. You may walk among us as we do among you, but we are those who have always been. Such things which are used as propaganda will and always are, exposed. 

The medium of exchange that is of the earth within currency is of no use nor consequence to us nor any life thereafter. For true value of brain protection, the soul is it's guardian, and whether this is accepted or not is also of no consequence to us. 

What is of concern is the result of the warheads of Atom, for such destruction of this planet is the scar of it's intentions... the fire and the wind which knows no equal discriminates nor flesh one from the other, of belief systems. So if you are content that this is 'out of the way' in your given terms just remember... 

What is will always be, and how that division is dissected will not alter the state that is the value of all Life, nor subtract from the Spirit of that Creation. 

How small has the human brain become to believe that he knows the All?

Peace on Earth is now everybody's cry, and it has been heard. It is and always has been that the preferred are the peacemakers. That can never be altered by humanity, nor the fact that the meek will inherent the earth... as it was intended. 

We are the few who are assimilated into the humanity, and every move is in the direction of what it should be. Those fallen from the state of grace know our place as we do theirs. We judge no-one... 

Myth and parable have been used to expess many things of what is and has been, but the reality of all is beyond language if the mind cannot hear the truth within.

Peace be with you.”

©® Irrira  

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."

Exodus 23:30

©® Oil by Irrira - 'Peace & Love'