Twin Elements

Who teaches who in a World of Superior Vs Local Honor.

©® Photo by Ish-i - Humble, Beautiful, Home-Sweet-Home Sweet Water, Sweet Sister.

Without their Mistakes 

What is superior ?

Lets stretch our hands around this big world and measure who is not considered superior, then challenge those who consider themselves to be. Lets start with lands like Africa, from desert sands to pasture lands. Then go right across and up through Afghanistan to the Himalayas. So put your walking boots on, because fuel is either too expensive, or running out fast, and be prepared to learn from the 'less superior’.

Lets visit the local village children who could teach the supposed to be the more superior educated adult or child how to milk a cow, a goat, a camel, or even a horse. To be able to know then, how to utilize this milk in which-ever way the village custom does for curds, cheeses, drinks, and cooking. Could the pupil with more superior teaching under their belts do any of this without first having to practice and learn how ?

Could the superior teach them how to grind the corn, the grain, into flour, then change it into any cooked and baked meal? How would these superior teachers of the world not get their hands dirty, by collecting any dung for fuel where there is no wood to burn? Or teach them how to line their huts and floors with wet dung, and take a pride in how it shines? Or how to kill a precious lamb or cow or goat, instead of not caring how how by the millions these are slaughtered without thought, counting only the money for food?

What about calling in on South Americas? When it comes to knowing when and how to cut the wool of the llama, (Lama) then how to treat, dye, weave, and make anything from a shawl, blanket, and clothing from it on their home made looms? Surely our superior educated would have to learn these skills! How will they live and work and walk though all these conditions without chewing on the coca leaf to keep them going, instead of their sophisticated cigarettes and whiskeys ?

What about Egypt, who have used their ancient skills for today’s superior tourist, offering what is their papyrus water grass? That’s easy to lean from from a book for the superior, but to know beyond the book how to harvest, treat, prepare, and actually make this special parchment, and then to write, or paint on it? Or decipher their hieroglyphics? What can such new superior civilizations teach the old, if the new still haven’t leaned by their own mistakes?

Try Japan, in it’s flowing calligraphic brush and ink writing, and to understand what it all means. Or… what can the superior sophisticated teachers teach more here about the effects of an atomic bomb, and how to start life all over again, or to live through it's radio-active fall out? Is it only such a weapon that makes one more superior, and why the world rushed in to produce such fine warheads?

What about ‘down under’ - Australia - could the superior teach their Aboriginal where to follow their signs to desert water holes, how to find and eat honey ants, and all their Bush Tucker foods without poisoning themselves, or starving to death? Or rather... could the superiors take a leaf out of the humble book of their Aboriginal ancestors to instead 'not to disturb the fire in the ground' called Uranium? How did such inferior folk know this!

Look at all other languages with their different writings; does superior teaching have all these in mind with every artistic stroke, squiggle, dot, and shape outside of the European Western norm and form? 

What about we do the rounds of all tropical Islands under the sun, who rely on their weaving of palm fronds, from how they are precisely placed to form thatch roofs, to making a mat, a basket, or grass skirts and clothing. Could the superior survive as they do just from one tree of life called the humble coconut?

Just like all jungle dwellers all over the earth also know which plants or bark or roots to use for medicines, and where to find all. Know how to survive in the wilds without a gun to kill their prey also. Could sophisticated teachers live like this let alone how to make the tools required?

We can go to back to Africa, to the Kalahari, and see how they know how to read their daily news in th tracks of anything left on the ground or the sands. Or visit to the American Indian, no matter where they live; and learn more about how to respect the Earth, and all creatures, plus always give thanks to the Greater Spirit than themselves.

Like other Intelligent Peoples who teach their own ‘local superior methods’ of how to know more about the world around them, in which they live daily...  we haven’t even scratched the surface of learning! Are any peoples so far mentioned, inferior? Are not their ways local enough to be honored? Which world- ways should be taught? And which expert methods can be imposed on those already happy in their own world? What good are the superior ways, where there is no electricity, water, roads, or armed-to-the-teeth technology?

The only superiority which keeps these local peoples locked out of the superior race is the money which they, the classified inferior are expected to learn of; and fit into. Looking at this system in today’s eyes, there were no superior teachers in banking for this monetary system, and they still live in debt! So again… who are the superior? Where are these teachers? And where will they begin, if they could learn a few lessons on how better and more peaceful to live without their mistakes, being imposed on teaching the world?

Shall we turn all these superiors on their heads and start again, then see who can teach them?

It will be they, the local, who will be the experts, honoring the 'supposed to be superior' by teaching them via the inferior's super teachers, because we haven't even scatched the surface of what the superiors could learn from even the children! 

 ©® Irrira

Even the sparrow...

©® Photo by Irrira - Ephesus (Efes), Turkey.

"Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow builds her nest and raises her young at a place near your altar, O Lord of Heaven's Armies... "  

Psalm 84:3