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A color-composite image of the Pleiades from the Digitized Sky Survey Credit: NASA/ESA/AURA/Caltech



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"LOVE started this JOURNEY,

and LOVE has

no END ! " 

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 There was once a turtle who needed a tracker to read the print of her symbols, left in the sand. Later, he painted them upon a rock, and this is what they said.

“'Go get your sacred script and write down what you see; and if you get right the mystery of who we are, We, the ancient, who outlive human age and knowledge of us by at least 200 years and more, could fill your books with symbols you have never seen.

From journeys you have never known throughout the fluid space of a time dimension you cannot imagine, without your limitations; symbolised in your rubber skins and oxygen tanks - your only way to breath - in our medium for a restricted life span. Your emblematic logic is as mixed as your philosophising.

But when the Spring Tides wash our hatch-lings onto your concepts of what direction is, show us the wisdom of your ways and stoop to save our species. For through the sight given you, we give you insight into who it was, who again left their own timeless written communication upon the sands, on which you theorised ideas of what we signalled.

Literally, pure logic which you yet must learn how we navigate back to the very place of our birth never having learned your beliefs. Leave 'that' in the symbolic representations of your time for your children to know; and you will become creatures no more of theory, but of wisdom born of birth; just as our hatch-lings know, they must return to the sea... without books.

Only then, will you be as us - creatures related - simply to know the world they live in is why we don't have to ask."



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©® .... Sea turtles are numerically the most affected endangered species at coastal nuclear plants.

♥ Greetings Planet Earth ♥

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""Greetings Planet Earth,  I hear you weeping...

Greetings Planet Earth I hear you cry ...

...  All your children are the reason I must come to you this Season 

Take my hand  and help me dry away each tear.   "  


 ©® Irrira 

Words taken from poem and song written by Irrira for Moruroa 1995

For it was  within "Our Space" that the first true destruction of such a 

weapon began....  

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Why Did We Test Nukes in Space?

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