Twin Elements

To all the Green-backs who rule the Currency of Planet Earth

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I'm very interested to see a money hungry beast more eager to eat up the money than the banks, if the federal government creates this entity.

Will it dine on the Diners Card, as readily as the Interest rates do?

Or will it have sharper teeth to get to the nitty-gritty bottom of the barrel of this huge steel block of debt, called a Credit Muncher ?

I can't imagine it will have any manners and politely ask for any debts to be payed, giving the less guilty for the federal government’s debts - like - the normal every day people who do not bank on the federal government, of “yes Sir, thank you Mam,” for every lump of silver it swallows. Nor can I imagine it would even have the manners not to burp up a gold sludge.

But I do imagine this entity will come from the bowls of the earth, where it has done nothing but feed off the blood of the sons and daughters it helped, to keep the wheels in motion for more than a decade worth of it's value.

Ever since the ball of lead started rolling out of the banks and straight through the barrel of the smoking guns.

A vampire not only of blood but money.

Beautiful, clean, no money laundering money!

Straight from the Mint flavors of that lovely new aroma of green, to right down the gullet of this new creation,

The Money Entity!

I would like to make one suggestion of hope for the federal government once they have created this monster. Get out of the way quick, as you have left the biggest green trail which leads all the way back to you. Only God knows where you are going to be able to hide from this Entity. Don't ever let those others get wind of this or you won't be looking for another creation needing money, banks, or another entity, by the time they have finished!.

All debts will be cleared off the face of the planet, and the new entity you create will be rendered useless.

Mind you, this was only warning you ahead of time, so that you can at least try and create your Money Vampire indestructible. I would suggest though that the federal government make sure they are well and truly in their bunkers before letting this new entity loose. Even if they jump in the sea, money entities and sea water don't mix. Just make sure there is no money even in the federal pockets, as this entity is capable of sniffing it out. That would automatically mean good-bye to the federal government too.

Good luck with your entity, and sweet night-mares while you create it. It should keep your federals so busy that you won't have any more money nor time to war over any more.

©® Irrira Rikki – Twin Elements.

© CLIPARTIX / Google Images


The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.

Haggai 2:8