Twin Elements


©® Oil by Irrira - 'Peace Warrior Michael'

~Peace Warriors have a job to do, and it's called vuluntary~  

~For there is no price on True Peace~

~No prolonged handshake for the camera's eye and ego~

~and no hero's crown in comming home~

~The Pearl of Great Price is worn only with the battle scars of the heart~

~ but what a reward when it is the healing balm of nations~ 

~ (((   ))) ~ 

1/ Our horses are restless.

Success is in their nostrils.

Some neigh and toss their manes.

Others stand...

Each muscle rippling in readiness for action.

Warriors of The Light Force

... waiting for the sound of the word.

I cast an eye to each side, and over my shoulder.

Discipline of awareness reigns.

There is no such thing as tension.

Knowing the sound is sufficient.

Nothing else matters.

Nothing else exists.

The horses know that.

Unison is automatic movement in the given direction.

The course is set. Nothing can change it.

The Word will confirm it.

2/ I silently look at my partner.

No-one is talking.

No-one needs to.

Everything is said that should be known.

Harmony is... or nothing can be.

No need for questions.

No need for statements.

Nothing can alter what's already done.

I share what I see in the sky of the Space that we move in

… and look at the Earth, its horizons all round.

I look at the Sun and the Moon and the Stars in the Light.

I look at the roots of the trees
... underground.

I look at the soil and the rocks and the valleys

... and into the oceans and rivers of Sound.

I look at the stillness of all that's created.

Time doesn't move: doesn't change: doesn't waver.

I look at it straight in the Eye of the Wind, and know when my

Season of Life must begin
... as is Now !

3/ I look at myself in the eyes of my partner.

We are still ourselves as created to be.

And all of those with me don't have to question

... for in knowing themselves, that is how they know me.

We are all each other in the part that we be.

Our horses are stilled by the hand of our Leader.

All riders - in truth - are ready to move.

The risen hand sends forth, and is received.

Yet stillness is in the very air we breath.

I share the silent words for you to see.

I cannot alter facts of Love

... it's all we've got to lead the way.

But we don't move...

we wait...

and stand at ease

... until The Word is said.

©® Oil by Irrira
- 'Come Quickly'
©® Irrira Rikki

((( NOW )))

©® Irrira Rikki

" There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens...

...  a time for peace." 

  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 

~Back to the Future or into our Past we Live in the Now of All That Is~